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What Is A Cron Job?
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Cron is a Linux utility that allows users to automate or schedule tasks repeatedly at specific times. Cron Jobs are these individual tasks. Cron can be used for a variety of purposes, such as automated backups, scheduled updates, and more. Cron is extremely powerful but can be difficult to use. This article will outline the basics of using Cron and help you get started on the automation of your tasks.

How to setup a Cron Job

1- Log in to cPanel using the username and password or directly from your Client Area.

2- Search for Cron Jobs, and choose the application, and open it.

3- Use an email you have access to as you will receive an email immediately after the cron job ends.

4- In the Add New Cron Job settings section, select a time from the Common Settings drop-list.
* We recommend you not running a cron every minute as this can be quite an inefficient usage.

5- In the Command field, enter the desired command and click Add new job.