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Offshore Streaming Servers

WebCare360 provides high-speed, low-latency streaming and IPTV services across the globe. Get the best quality offshore servers for audio/video streaming with advanced technologies.


Our global, high-capacity & robust network provides exceptional performance to customers across 5 continents. Network efficiency & stability is achieved through ongoing monitoring, optimization and quality arrangements with carriers worldwide. Our offshore streaming servers fit into every application seamlessly. The latest hardware stack combined with a superlative network is the right combination to power your perfect for streaming, IPTV & more. Get the speed you need today!

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Offshore Streaming Servers


Lightning fast. Low latency. Seamless. Lag-free.

Our truely high performance, giganti & lightning-fast network is specially tailored to provide splendid experience for high-bandwidth projects VOD (Video On Demand), OVP (Online Video Platform) or Live Streaming platforms (IPTV). Our automatic re-routing software detects any possible problems on route to your end client , and re-routes the traffic immediately to ensures that your data is delivered instantaneously. Offshore Streaming servers requires flawness network connectivity to avoid any chances of buffering/lagging of live streams. So, un-metered offshore streaming servers from WebCare360 provides you a perfect solution that will keep you business profitable.


Lightning Fast, High Bandwidth & Reliable
Offshore Streaming Servers

Large Resilient Network

We blend a best-in-class network mesh and mirror it across all our datacenter worldwide. With multiple transit providers connected to each datacenter and tied together to form one globally unified network.

Reliability & Uptime

Our resilient network backbone has high uptime and maximum reliability, built with redundant uplinks and fault-tolerant design for reliable performance. Enjoy unparalleled protection for your data!

Low Latency

Our streaming network is capable of succor low latencies and no saturation – at peak times. We accomplish this through network monitoring, routing adjustments, and use the of multiple Tier-1 carriers.

Bandwidth Options

We will be able to match your bandwidth needs, whether you wish a low-cost package or dedicated access to the unthrottled bandwidth that they offer. Packages start at 100TB to 40Gbps un-metered .

Offshore Locations

Your server, your content! Our offshore streaming network provide the ultimate protection in content freedom, with their lax regulations and the ability to ignore illegitimate abuse and DMCA notices. 

Quick Setup

In most of cases, we setup and deliver the streaming servers in less than 24-hours. The only exception to this is, if we don’t have a server in stock or it is a custom order, it may take additional time.

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DMCA IGNORE Streaming Servers – IPTV Servers

WebCare360 provide high quality offshore servers for streaming audio or video, across the globe. Our offshore streaming servers cost less, works faster and more reliable than any other providers.

Dedicated Streaming Server are deployed on our dedicated network which is specially designed and setup for high quality video streaming, video on demand, Offshore IPTV Servers and other high traffic projects like CDN. Our high-performance streaming network is backed by over 2Tbps of total bandwidth with automatic route optimization to ensure the best network performance. Our specially designed Offshore Streaming Server enable you to easily deliver a stream to thousands of concurrent viewers without any unwanted buffering or delay. They are ideal for content delivery, streaming and other bandwidth intensive applications.

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DDoS Protected Servers

Secure your business with our 100% DDoS Protected Servers and Offshore Network! We provide a reliable, privacy-focused channel to keep your business safe and secure.

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Affordable Offshore Servers

Offshore servers with amazing network connectivity and privacy focused features. Rapidly deployed and fully customizable, providing the perfect solution for your business needs.

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Best Streaming Servers's Frequently Asked Questions

🎥 A dedicated streaming server is a type of server that is specifically designed to stream media content to viewers. It can be used to deliver audio, video and other multimedia content over the internet. Dedicated streaming servers are designed to handle high traffic levels on websites, allowing viewers to access their favourite content with minimal latency and maximum performance. In addition, having a dedicated server allows content providers to control how their content is shared with their audience 📡 .  Dedicated streaming servers are typically hosted on powerful hardware with high-capacity, low-latency network to ensure smooth streaming performance.

IPTV streaming servers work by allowing users to stream live television and video-on-demand content over the internet 💻. The streaming server takes in the IPTV content 📡, and transmits it to the user’s device 📱. By using an IPTV streaming server, users can watch their favorite shows and movies without having to wait for them to download or buffer.

Our servers support any streaming software that can be run on remote servers powered by Linux, Windows, or another operating system that we can run. You have full access & you can 🛠️ install and manage any software with us. Xtream codes, Plex, Shoutcast, Nginx RTMP – there is a great 🌟 variety of streaming software to choose from. We have no software restrictions & our tech support can help you with setup & configuration.

Yes, you can use the full port speed! 🎉 It is dedicated, not shared. 🤝

You have 💯 access to the total uplink capacity as per your ordered package – no limits set. This is when your business expands and you need to switch to a higher plan – it’s easy, just upgrade your plan in the system and you can get more bandwidth.

Yes, you can! 🤗
You can get a bandwidth pool that will cover all of your servers. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a pool with different amounts of bandwidth to accommodate your server’s needs.

When ordering a dedicated streaming server, there are several factors to consider such as bandwidth, latency, cost, control, security, scalability, and customer support. 💻 You need to make sure the server can handle the amount of streaming you plan to do and that it is reliable and secure. It is important to also consider the cost of the server and the cost of any additional services you may need. 🔐 Security is also very important so make sure the server is properly secured and protected. Lastly, customer support should be a priority, as you want to make sure you can get the help you need when you need it. 🤝 And, all of your requirements are fulfilled by WebCare360.

 🤔 VLAN stands for Virtual Local Area Network and it is a type of network segmentation which divides a physical network into multiple virtual networks, each with its own set of rules and configurations. VLANs can help improve security, reduce network congestion, and increase performance.

Yes, we 🔌can connect your servers to a private VLAN. If all connected servers are in the same location, it will cost a one-time configuration fee of 20 USD per server, regardless of link speed.

We 🤝 treat our esteemed clients with civility, even when there are occasional issues with copyright infringement. We take a more lenient and relaxed attitude towards offshore streaming servers. We strive to keep our customers connected, and to do that, we defend them from any illegitimate DMCA allegations.


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