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Offshore VPS Servers

Enjoy the increased flexibility and lower cost of entry that our virtual private servers (VPS) provide. Get the performance you need with high-end NVMe SSD storage with one of our budget friendly solutions for an Offshore Linux/Windows high availability virtual private server.

Discover the ideal high availability virtual private server solution with offshore dedicated servers for the ultimate in reliability and performance.

Offshore Streaming Servers


We understand what it takes

With WebCare360, you’ll get ultra speed & solid performance, excellent support as well as enhanced privacy. We offer a powerful VPS Control Panel (Virtualizor VPS Panel), which allows user to manage their VM like Start, Stop, Restart, OS Re-install, and monitoring of resources.

High Performance

We use business-grade hardware for enhanced performance and stability. Dual E5 CPU and RAID protected NVMe/SSD drives will ensure that your server never misses a beat and runs at its maximum efficiency.

Offshore Jurisdiction

Our Offshore VPS Servers are located on best Offshore locations which enable us to offer DMCA Ignored Hosting services by ensuring complete privacy, data security, and a wide range content acceptability.

Privacy & Security

The security of our clients is our top priority. As we are an internet-based service provider, we don’t need to know much about you in order to be able to provide you with our quality service.

Optimal Network Uptime

We are extremely proud of our 99.997% annual uptime score, which we work hard to maintain by using our own equipment and reputable providers and make sure your business stays online, Always!

Save up to 15% on yearly subscriptions

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