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Best Offshore Webhosting

Offshore web hosting by WebCare360 is not just a typical hosting by any other provider as we are immensely committed to ensuring the data privacy of our customers with more freedom of content and speech.

With our servers located in the best offshore locations, where data-related laws are very tolerant which allows us a Wide Range of Content Acceptability and ignores dmca complaints as DMCA takedown procedure applicable only under US jurisdiction.

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What makes us so different

Hosting is all what we do. We’ve set the quality assurance standards for all of our anonymous offshore hosting services with the technology, expertise and support. We’ll always help you find the best solution for your bespoke needs.

Secure & Resilient

WebCare360 is pledged to offer it’s customers with anonymous offshore hosting services. Secure & Resilient are the words that define our hosting services & our approach.

Privacy & Security

We do take your privacy as our top priority. We do not share, rent or sell your personal information or data to any third party. We only require a valid e-mail address to set up your anonymous hosting account .

Offshore Jurisdiction

Our DMCA IGNORE servers are located in UA & BG, which enable us to offer DMCA Ignored Hosting services by ensuring complete privacy, data security, and a wide range of acceptable content.

Helping Hands

Our well-experienced staff provides 24/7 support covering all basic and complicated queries. All issues are handled professionally and in a timely manner without any kind of automatic reply full of useless information.

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DMCA IGNORE Shared Hosting

Our Best Dmca Ignore Hosting nodes are built with enterprise hardware and have been designed to provide good quality hosting with reliability and stability. WebCare360 offers 3 different offshore web hosting packages and these packages are set up to fit perfectly for both low-end and high-end purposes.

Basic Care

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Standard Care

Look into ways to best enhance your site’s availability.


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Expanded Care

The advanced capabilities, flexibility, and performance.


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DDoS Protected

Best Wordpress hosting with blazing-fast speeds & security.


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Brisky NVMe-SSD Hosting

We only uses super-fast NVMe-SSD on our Offshore Web Hosting Servers. NVMe-SSD performance is superior than the average HDD & SSD. Your applications will run with a great speed, no worries of having many script calls or HD images!

High Performance

All shared hosting servers are setup with the latest technology and is powered by Cloudlinux, cPGuard, KernelCare, Softaculous, Attracta SEO Tools & RAID Protected disks for the top performance, so your website(s) have the faster speed and better reliability.

We Take Security Seriously

Our real-time security with IP blocklist protects your website from online attacks and online service abuse, malware, botnets, command-and-control servers, among others.

Maximum Uptime

We’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to the maintenance, protection, and repair of infrastructure. We boast a 99% service uptime guarantee because we are confident in our abilities in this area.

Migration With Ease

We won’t charge you for moving your website to WebCare360 hosting servers, and we will have the migration procedure handled so you’re able to focus on other things.

No Experience Required

You do not need to be an expert to start using WebCare360’s offshore web hosting. Thanks to most user-friendly cPanel, intuitive interface, and best hosting features, you’ll have the capacity to launch your website from right after the first use.

ultra-fast affordable shared hosting


In a shared hosting environment, each unique website has its own Internet domain, from a single offshore web server. Shared hosting is good for blogs and personal websites.

Offshore shared hosting is the most economical and common Dmca Proof Hosting. This allows multiple users to take advantage of shared resources of a physical server to publish their website and setup online presence. You have access to a certain amount of resources from a specific server that’s shared with other users.


Need a bit more?

Offshore VPS Servers

Get the best in privacy and power with our high performance VPS servers. Enjoy full control and offshore hosting with our DMCA ignore policy. Get your perfect VPS today!

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Offshore Dedicated Servers

Our offshore dedicated servers offer lightning-fast speeds and superior performance with full root access, giving you complete control and privacy. Plus, they ignore DMCA requests!

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Offshore Web Hosting’s Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore Shared hosting is a hosting service where multiple websites are hosted on the same server, sharing its resources such as storage, RAM and CPU. 🤝 It’s a cost-effective way for small businesses to get their website online.

Our Offshore Shared Hosting servers are located in Ukraine, Bulgaria and The Netherlands, where DMCA is not relevant. However, local laws and copyright complaints are effective. All complaints and reports are reviewed, and we aim to resolve any issues with the customer’s best interest in mind before contacting them to resolve the problem.

Shared hosting is a web hosting service where multiple websites are hosted on a single physical server.  It is the most cost-effective option and is suitable for small businesses and individuals. 💰

VPS servers, on the other hand, are virtual private servers that provide more control and flexibility than shared hosting. They are more expensive than shared hosting but offer more resources and better performance. 🔋

It really depends on your web hosting platform, but a shared hosting environment can manage approximately 10 to 20 thousand visitors to your site each day. But traffic volume isn’t your crucial problem; your most frequently encounter issue could be the CloudLinux limits, i.e; CPU, RAM, EP or I/O limitations, and your site may have to consistently upgrade if your website tends to get above a particular limit.

Yes, it is possible to get a dedicated IPv4 address for your shared hosting account. However, this is  only available as an add-on service with n additional monthly cost.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer SSH access with a shared hosting account due to security reasons 🙁. If you need root access to your hosting service, then you might consider to upgrade to Offshore VPS Servers or Dedicated Server Hosting.

Our shared hosting servers are powered by CloudLinux which provides a robust hosting environment, with a set of resource limits for each website (LVE) to protect against bad scripts, abusers and other negative consequences. This allows unaffected websites to run without issues such as slow loading or downtime.In the case of CloudLinux shared hosting, if any account is suspected of over-utilizing resources, the account is temporarily suspended until its usage returns to normal. Accessing the account during this time will result in a 503-error, as this is done to prevent the account from consuming all server resources. This is made possible by the LVE technology used by CloudLinux; a solution that benefits both service providers and users alike.

If the DDoS attack/flood is large enough to effect the other hosting users on the server, then as per our ToS/AUP we will suspend the account with or without any prior notice.


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