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How to Create Python App on your cPanel hosting with WebCare360?

by John Doe

Python App is an app that enables you to use the Python programming language on your cPanel account. This app makes it easy to create and manage Python apps on your cPanel account. With this app, you can create and manage Python apps with ease.

Through this tutorial, you will quickly install Python software with the cPanel graphical interface.

SETP-1: Log in to cPanel from your Client Area.

STEP-2: Click the icon labeled “Setup Python App.”

STEP-3: Tap the “Create Application” button.


  1. Choose the Python version that you would like to use.
  2. Enter the directory in which the Python application should be installed. This path is relative to the root directory of this account and will create the specified directory if it does not yet exist.
  3. Enter the location where the application is to be located. If the application should be accessible directly on your domain, leave this field blank.
  4. Enter the name of the file, which should connect “Application Entry Point” (see point 5) to the application itself. For example, if this example runs a server based on Flask, this must be done by entering “app = Flask (__ name__)” in the specified file.
  5. Enter the name of the variable containing a frame.
  6. This is the specific place for where Phusion Passenger writes its log files.
  7. Environment variables can be designated if python maintenance is needed.
  8. All fields in the setting page must be completed before the “Create” button can be chosen to complete setting up the application.

Hurray! You have learned how to set up a Python application using cPanel now. Don’t forget to check our best offshore shared hosting plans here!

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