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What Is The Difference Between Web Server And Application Server

by John Doe

What Is The Difference Between Web Server And Application Server

Before knowing the difference between the web server and application server we need to know what the servers are.  Services are essentially a device, which will allow you to host or access the data from the machine, and you can transfer the data to the machine.  

There are different kinds of data on the internet and different kinds of data on the individual computers so in this article we are going to try that which server helps in that regard.


I am not going to make the topic more difficult so in the simple language web server is a server, which only deals with the https requests from the internet or the client. For example, if the client wants to access the website, then the web server will be able to help them out to get the website of the data he requires.  

You should know that web server is limited to https request but is not limited to hardware but also the software application can also work as the web server.  When the client request https from web server then the web server responds with the output as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of the web server to make the connection between the server and the client computer. Mostly the web server can be accessed from the internet but is not limited to that.


The benefits of web servers are many, but some of the benefits are that you can create the virtual host by this.

  • The files, which are bigger than 2GB, can be hosted or can be supported on the web server.
  • Bandwidth throttling which means that you will be limiting the access of the client if there is a burden on the server, which will allow every person to access the server in a balanced manner.


Application server as the name suggests focuses on the application. This server creates the platform or the Framework where different computers can access any application they want without any hurdle.  

Of course, there will be multiple computers or multiple clients on a single server if the server is not dedicated to the application server is responsible for accessing the IP of every computer and giving them what they require about every application they want without any restriction or hurdle.


The benefits of dedicated application servers that the code is integrated and there is no breach in the security because of all data based on a single server.

  • It limits the burden on the server so there will be no botheration in the performance.
  • The applications can be accessed from a single server without any security breach.


In the end, we would say that every server has a different procedure and different application, so they are going to Target different type of requirements from the clients.  Depends on your requirement you will be able to choose the web server and application server and get your task performed without any hesitation.

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