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Webcare360 Scholarship Essay Contest


Webcare360, the highly prestigious name in the Education sector gets the Scholarship Essay Contest for you. Webcare360 Scholarship Contest help to promote the education by helping new generation of global leaders in a way to support the students to pay for their college/University tuition fee and other expenses, because education empowers students towards making our world a richer and happier place.

We, the Webcare360 team design the Scholarship Essay Contest for those needy students who are bright and want to study more but cannot afford to pay for their college Tuition Fee. This Scholarship Essay Contest will not just help financially but also help the students to make their writing portfolio stronger with this Contest.

In today’s world, Creative writing skills are very important to learn for any student to become part of the growing industries, especially the Education sector industry. We, Webcare360 team always looking for creative Essays that will help us to know more about students future dream job, which they want to do after passing their college.

Those students who think they are capable to get the Webcare360 Scholarship, they are most welcome to register in our Scholarship Contest to become next Webcare360 winner.

If you think, you are the one who has Creative Writing Skills and be able to impress our judge’s panel from your Essay Writing Skills, then you are just one step away to become the winner. Write at least 3000 words Essay, in which you have to write the following points;

What is your dream job? Why do you want to do that specific job after passing your college? What qualities do you have that will help you to prosper in the future? All these points should be clearly and creatively mention in your Essay to lead you towards the winning step.

Webcare360 judge’s panel will select one student Essay and announce him as a winner. All the selection process will be on 100% merit-based system and those who write the Essay Creatively will consider for the Top Selection.

Student who will win the competition will get a $1000 Scholarship which he can use to pay his College Tuition Fee, books purchasing, and managing his living expenses while he stays at the College hostel.

To get register for Webcare360 Scholarship Essay Contest, there are no such prerequisite eligibility criteria for students except few. To be able to win the competition, students have the Creative writing skills which students will show in their Essays. Apart from the Creative writing skills, students will be selected on the basis of below mentioned points.

Webcare360 Scholarship Essay Contest general selection criteria are as follow:

>> Student/Participant should know about the Internet marketing
>> A minimum of 2.8 CGPA or its equivalent percentage is required to be eligible for the Scholarship
>> Only college/University enrolled students in the 2020/2021 sessions are eligible to apply for the Scholarship Contest

Webcare360 Scholarship Theme

Webcare360 Scholarship Essay Contest is all about to know the students Creative Writing skills which they will use in their Essay to tell us about their dream job which they will do after passing out from college/University.

Students have to mention all their previous experiences and their skills which they can be use in their dream job to prosper in the future.

All the content should be genuine thoughts and must be writing in your own words. Plagiarism is not allowed at any stage. If found any plagiarize content in the student Essay, he/she will be disqualified from the contest.

Scholarship Benefits 

Webcare360 Scholarship Essay Contest is no doubt a unique and amazing platform for those students who want to learn or polish their creative writing skills and want to become the next Webcare360 Scholarship Essay winner. There are plenty of good things about this Scholarship Contest and few of those are:

>> Winner of this Scholarship contest will get $1000

>> Scholarship money will be given to college/University Finance department against student Tuition Fee, Books acquisition and hostel expenses in order to facilitate the student financial needs

>> Selection of all the winners will be on 100% merit based system. All the entries will be checked by our experienced judges and after proper evaluation and critical analysis, the deserving student will be announced as a winner

>> This Scholarship will play a huge role in student academic life and definitely add up in student resume as a big achievement

Submission Process

After completing your Essay with mentioning all the required details,
you have to send it to us on [email protected]

Every student has to mention those things in the Email:
>> Student Full Name
>> Email Address
>> College or University you are studying at
>> Essay in Word file (As an attachment)

The Submission Deadline

20th Sep, 2020 is the deadline for Essay submission. No submission after deadline will be admissible. In addition to this, Scholarship winner will be notified via email.

After the Essay submission, our experienced judges will critically look at all the submitted Essays and select only 1 winner at the end of the evaluation process. We will then notify the winner before 11th Oct, 2020 via email.

Those who did not get the Scholarship at this stage are highly encouraged to apply again for the next year contest. We open the Scholarship contest in every year to help creative brains and our amazingly talented students. So, they can polish their abilities, achieve their goals by studying more and most important the finance will not become a hurdle anymore for the students.