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How to Enable SSH Through VHM On VPS?
How to Enable SSH Through VHM On VPS?
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Did you create a standard account on your VPS server and want to set up SSH access? Follow the process described below:

On your VPS, open WHM, then proceed to account functions ** and proceed to modify an account.
Now activate SSH access, via the check box, of the Shell Access for the specific account.
Log in to that account’s cPanel and proceed to SSH / Shell Access & then you click manage SSH keys.
Now you can choose generating a new key-pair, whilst you can opt for importing a key which is generated on the local computer of the user already.
Via the Manage Authorization option, the public key is authorized.
Download the private & public keys, giving it to the account’s user.
You just completed the process of enabling SSH!
Depending on what you prefer, you can enrol for managed VPS-hosting. The VPS platforms which will be provided by your service provider will be equipped with the most excellent features, whilst 24/7 support will be available!

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